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A-studio fails.

The name of the story: "Parents are conserned about Lolita-characters in anime"

First allegation: Lolita is cosplay.

No it is not. It is a style. To say that Lolita is a character is quite insulting. Lolitas choose to wear these clothes as themselves, not as a some random character. Lolita is a way of showing your OWN persona. There is nothing sexual about lolita. It is just a style. Get over the name and look at the clothes.

Second Allegation: Anime is porn.

Please. Yes there is anime with x-rated materia but that does not mean that every anime contains it. There  is no more porn in anime than there is in western entertainment.

How long it will take to people to get over these allegations.

And just for a sidenote: Not one of the parents interviewed were worried about 'Lolita-characters'. The name of the story was put on to make the story sound more scandalous. Bad journalism is BAD.

Now to plug out the peas from my nose.

Mimi Elizabetha