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The princess code

The Princess Code

This is a lovely code gathered by her royal highness princess Skye. Hopefully you all will love as much as I do.

Pyjamaparty at Mimi's

Sorry it is ladies only.

We start at six on saturday 4th of july.

Everybody brings something. I'll take care of the drinks and such.

Movie suggestationa appreacited.

Mimi Elizabetha



In this cold dark nigth...Collapse )

Thank's for looking. Girls ask me for the pics. Comments will be appreciated.

Mimi Elizabetha.

Neurotic? Me? No way.

At the moment I am becoming more and more neurotic. I hate when my email account informs me that I've got mail. It could be bad. Also I just have to check the order about five times a day until I get more info about. And I even talk to it.

And I just realized that it wont stop even if it is confirmed. Then I will be worried about shipping and if it's taken by the custom's officers. I mean the boutique is not European so that could very well happen. And what if it's breaks before I get it. It was pretty expensive I mean.

Mimi Elizabetha


Somethings are too weird not to post them.


It is a christian forum conversation about lolita.

I first thought it was a joke but now I am not so sure.


Haunting photoshoot

So my idea is to take photos at the forest near Nepenmäki school at the nigth between 23 and 24 of june. I need models. I know some of you to are interested. Clothes come from me and my dear prince has agreed to be the photographer. 

So inform me if you are in. I will take four models including myself.

1. Mimi

Thank you.

Mimi Elizabetha

Jun. 4th, 2009


 Hatred and anger.
Despair and remorse.
What you feel
Is what you have.

 Sorrow and depression.
Solitude and fear.
Never to feel
When it is needed.

 Love is lost in despair.
Anger takes away tenderness.
Fear fills your soul.

All left is Solitude

Mimi Elizabetha


We are you and me.

Under the cutCollapse )

Thank you for looking.

Mimi Elizabetha.


During the last few weeks I have been seeing dreams that are becoming more and more disturbing. At first they were well quite normal. Everyone of us has dreams of dying sometimes. But the frequency is worrying. In last week alone I have seen myself die four times. First it by choking. Then by jumping of the clift. Next one was when I died into the snow (The poem mimi-elizabetha.livejournal.com/31082.html snow falling is about this time). And lastly I was eaten alive by a drunken old man. Last two mentioned happened at my childhood grounds under the eyes of my childhood friends. Ghastly.

But this is not the most disturbing dream I have had lately. The most disturbing I saw last nigth. It started quite normally. We were flying with balloons to a tropical island. But my balloon dropped into a church. Then I was cruxified and made into an altar painting. The pain was very real.
After maybe an half an hour I was taken down by someone I use to know. We talked and found our way to the island. But it was filled cannibals (Another theme maybe?) and we were consumed one by one.

Normally I don't remember my dreams. Or if I do they are not about death or with logical story. Normally my dreams are more like flashes of things that have happened or are about to happen. And this remembering these things worries me the most. Because really who wants to remember how it feels to be eaten or frozen to death?

Well maybe this will pass.


May. 28th, 2009

Snow falling


Snow is falling.

I feel it coming down on me.

No strength to fight

No strength to rise

Just me in this silent night.


And the snow is taking me.

I fear I might be forgotten.

But by spring I’ll be rotten.


Last things I see

Are faces I loved.

But they never found me.

So I died alone.

Well this borned because I saw a dream where I died in the snow. Infact it was the second dream with that in the end.

Is it worrying that my poems are becoming angry or about death?